For any tables of 8+ guests made we require a Credit Card Deposit to secure the booking.
See our Booking T&C below.

Booking terms & conditions


Once confirmed, your online booking will be allocated the best available table in the restaurant.


When making an online booking, you agree as a courtesy to contact the restaurant if you have any changes, rebooking dates, arrival delays or need to cancel your booking.

Special Request

With dietary or special requests made online, the restaurant will endeavour to accommodate your request. For confirmation of request please contact us directly. 


For any tables of 8+ guests made we require a deposit of $10 per person. This fee will be deducted from bill. If you cancel under 24 hours of your booking or don’t show up, this deposit will no be refunded and kept as a late cancellation / no show fee.

Set menu

Bookings of 10+ guests we may require to dine on one of our function set menu options.